André Grandier

The relationship between André and Oscar begun when she was still a kid, when André come to live with them, after losing his parents and his only relative was his grandmother, who happened to be Oscar’s nany. From the moment he arrives, he is to be Oscar’s playmate because the girl has to grow up as a boy and so she has to have male company. They become best friends, but soon André stops seeing her as his playmate, and maybe besides nanny he is the only one that sees her as a woman and not a man.

Their story is actually sad, he keeps being by her side even if he suffers really much when it comes to her, because she actually never notice at the fact that he loves her for what she really is and not for the title or something else, he is beside her even when she dresses for the first time as woman and goes to the dance with Fersen, he is there when she decides that she would not try to be a woman anymore, he is always there to protect her because she still is a woman, it doesn’t matter at how she dresses and he is the one who says directly to her that: “A rose will always be a rose, a rose will never be a lily”, trying to make her understand that even if she has chosen to live her life as a male, she will never be a male.

He is there even when she says she doesn’t need him anymore, when she leaves Royal guards to go at the Military Regiment, he finds a way to go there too, he becomes friend with Alain who helps him enter the guards, and Oscar finds him again there – she forgives him his drunken attack at her, where for a moment she was scared of him, and she notices his loyalty and caring and knows he loves her – but she will notice her own love for him, only when she for a moment will think of losing him forever, when he is take the people want to hang him thinking he is a noble man, she desperately tries to save him and she realizes that she loves him and he was always the only one she ever will love and he is the only one who loves her for what she is and not what she represent .

Unfortunately they don’t have much time to be together in bliss and love… after their first night together, when they finally declare their love first André is shot (and no he isn’t protecting Oscar at that moment as lot of people believe, he is shot by a soldier who aimed at him) and dies in front of her with a smile on his face – his dream has come true, Oscar loved him. But we can say maybe their story has a happy ending, because she soon goes after him, shot during the attack at the Bastille.

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La fille Brave (c) Saya 2009 | Credits
Berusayu No Bara: Oscar (c) Riyoko Ikeda | Part of Bloody Network