In Europe this is how Versailles no bara is mostly known, under the name of Lady Oscar. The beginning of this anime wasn’t really great, few episodes from the beginning it changed the director and part of the staff, and only then it finally begin to work as it should have from the beginning.

Oscar in the anime is shown as a bishounen – a male with feminine traits. But the differences between the manga and the anime are quite few. As the first thing that we notice is that the sole main character is Oscar, being the most loved character of the story, hoping that by making her the sole main character would attract more people to watch it.

The anime targets more mature public then the manga and because of that they do not use the comic parts of the manga, showing from the beginning the tragedy.

There is a critic that Ikeda has about the anime, about the end that is chosen for Alain De Soisson. This character in the anime, after Oscar dies leaves the military regiment and goes to live by himself as a farmer. The mangaka, says that this isn’t really a good thing, because she uses him as a character in Eikou no Napoleon, where it shows that Alain never left the military to become a mere farmer.

The anime is important because outside Japan it had a bigger success then the manga, which got popular during the nineties just because there was the anime of it before.

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La fille Brave (c) Saya 2009 | Credits
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