Oscar François De Jarjayes

Name: Oscar François De Jarjayes
Also Known as: Lady Oscar
Date of Birth: December 25, 1755
Date of Death: July 14th, 1789
Title: Commander
1. Commander of the Imperial Guard
2. Commander of the Military Regiment B
Spouse: André Grandier
1. Parents - General François Augustin Regnier and Louise de Jarjayes
2. Sisters - Hortnese de la Lorancy and other four sisters
3. Other - Niece: Loulou de la Lorancy (Hortense's doughter)

Oscar was originally meant to be a supporting character, because the one who should have been the main character was supposed to be Marie Antoniette. She was created as a female, because Ikeda was worried if she would be able to create a decent male soldier. But at the beginning of the series Oscar became so popular that she took over the series and became one of the main characters after all. Besides, Oscar was a fictional character and Ikeda had more freedom at doing what she wanted with her, while Marie Anotniette was a historical character and her hands when it came to her were tied.

While Oscar is fictional, the Jarjayes family did exist during that time and and there was a General de Jarjayes in French Royal Army.

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