Versailles no Bara

The story begins with probably tre most important births of the chronicle: the births of Oscar François De Jarjayes (white rose), Marie Antoinette (red rose) and Hans Axel Von Fersen.

The narrative is simple and passionate, introducing slowly different historic characters and not in Oscars life, who even thou was born as a female, was brought up as if she was a male, because she was the 6th daughter, and her father wanted a male child.
So while in Austria, Maria Antonia (later known as Marie Antoinette) was growing up with everything she wished for, in France Oscar was beginning to learn what being a male was.

After her 14th birthday Marie Antoinette was given as bride to the future Luis XVI, becoming France dolphin, for the propose of an alliance between Austria and France. French citizens took well the wedding, seeing it as a good sign for the future.
With princes’ arrival in France, there is the first encounter between her and Oscar. While the story introduces also Jan Vlaois (black rose), who dreams of a life in Versailles and who will be the main culprit for the necklace scandal some time letter.

The first important part sees as the main character Marie Antoinette after she entered the court and she feels offended by the presence of Madame Du Barry, king’s lover: a woman of low origins who managed to get a good position because of her evil ways. The princess decided not to speak to her, and also Oscar has to choose between the two women, and her choice goes to the princess, because she was grown up with believes to always stay aside the royal family, which makes Madame Du Barry really angry. And in the end Marie Antoinette has to speak to her, because of the fact that they make her do it. So she says the historical phrase: “There is lot of people today, at Versailles”.

During the years where Marie Antoinette lives as princess she is given everything, and because she just wants to go to a masquerade ball that is in Paris, they give in and take her there, where she meets Fersen and between the two there, the love is born. Fersen begins coming to the court and he even becomes Oscar’s friend. After the king dies and Marie Antoinette becomes the queen along with her king Luis XVI, Oscar gives to Fersen the advice to go back to Sweden, so that the Queen wouldn’t have problems about it.

The queen keeps living in luxury, ignoring completely the problem of her people. She even suspends the hearings with them. That is also the time when Oscar is suspended from the service, ordered by the queen so she could prevent a duel. And while the personal guard is missing from the court, Marie Antoinette meets Yolande De Polignac (the yellow rose), and the two become friends. Because of this new friendship, the queen begins playing cards, losing lot of money on it.

While out of commission, Oscar meets Rosalie (the rosebud), and taking her under her protection, helping her find the noble woman who killed her stepmother. Oscar teaches to the girl everything she needs to know so she can enter the court where the two meet De Plognac. Rosalie recognizes in her the murderer and at the same time she finds out, that De Polignac is her biological mother.
During the time of the luxurious parties given by the nobles, the Black Knight makes it’s appearance and Oscar does whatever she can to stop him, and while doing that, she finally realizes in what conditions the people live. The thief’s name is Bernard and he is the one that gives the first literature written by Robespierre to Oscar.

Finally the necklace scandal comes to the light, Jeanne Valois de la Motte managed to manipulate the Cardinal de Rohan, thanks to a prostitute that looked like the queen, making the first shadows to fall on Marie Antoinette.

During this time, Oscar decides to leave the Royal guards, because of her crush on Fersen, who told her he sees her as a friend. She tells André that she doesn’t need him anymore, only to find him as one of her new soldiers in the Military Regiment B. And here the last part of the story begins, with the period that leads to the French Revolution.

Oscar, through her soldiers, begins slowly coming in contact with the people and finally really gets it how bad their conditions are, while the queen keeps being ignorant of that, preferring to pass her time with her children: one of them the crown prince Luis Jospeh, who dies when he is 7 years old. And only then the royal family finally notices what happened, they don’t even have the money to give a proper burial to their little prince.

To gain a little time they call in the Estates-General, but they stop the third state to enter using the central door, using Oscar’s regiment to stop it. This decision makes the people even more angry with the royals. During this period there is the last encounter between Oscar and Marie Antoinette, it’s the last moment and both of them know it. They were friends for over twenty years and even thou their ways are parting, they would stay friends even after.

Oscar finally declares her love to André, who isn’t noble, and she renounces at her nobility deciding to become part of the people and help them.

Oscar dies during the storming of the Bastille, the 14th july 1789. The Royal family is processed after trying to escape the nation. The first to die is Luis XVI on 21st January 1793, then the queen Marie Antoinette on 16th October 1973 and the last page of the manga is dedicated to the violent death of Fersen, who is killed by his own people who hated him.

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La fille Brave (c) Saya 2009 | Credits
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