Hans Axel Von Fersen

Hans Axel Von Fersen, I think he is the character I like less in the story, I can’t seem to be able to like him, but still he is an important part of Oscar’s life, so I’ll try to say something about him too.

This Swedish nobleman was the one that everyone thought being Marie Antoinette’s lover, and also some thought that at least one of Marie Antoinette’s children was his (LIE!).

Fersen in this manga actually is a nice guy, his love even if it’s returned can’t be consumed, because she is the queen of France and she has her duties. Thanks to this love, he becomes quite good friend with Oscar, and she falls also to his charm falling in love with him (a teenage crush) and tries to be a woman for him. But he tells her that he considers Oscar his best friend, and makes Oscar decide to keep going in her life as a man.

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