History Facts

This is the list of the real history facts that happened and that are in the manga.

  • Marie Antoinette is born on 2nd November 1755
  • Marie Antoinette’s engagement and then wedding in the April 1770 with the future Luis XVI
  • Hostility against the countess Du Barry, Luis XV lover, to whom she had to speak to in the end
  • Illness and death of Luis XV in 1774 and coronation of Luis XVI and Marie Antoinette as king and queen of France
  • The birth of the king and queen’s children.
  • Friendship between Marie Antoinette and the duchess de Polignac
  • The deal of the necklace
  • Financial crisis and the estates-general
  • The death of the crown prince while he is only 7 years old
  • The auto-proclamation of 3rd estate as the national assembly
  • The storming of the Bastille the 14th July 1789
  • Moving the royal family to the Tuileries, after they tried to escape, they capture them at Varennes
  • The death of Luis XVI on 21st January 1793
  • De Jarjayes (the real one) proposes an escape plan to Marie Antoinette, but she refuses
  • Rosalie becomes Marie Antoinette’s helper during her last days
  • The process against the queen, where they accuse her of the incest with her youngest son
  • The death of the queen on 16th October 1793
  • Fersen killed by his people

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