Riyoko Ikeda

Riyoko Ikeda is born on 18th December 1947 in Osaka. From her childhood she shows a big interested for art, culture and history. She is the first mangaka that revolutions the shoujo world, creating a style that becomes almost a kind of school about it, creating characters that are simple, elegant and thought to be liked by mostly female readers. Riyoko Ikeda is because of that considered the first big author of shoujo in Japan, and also known as the Master of Shoujo.

She begins to publish Versailles no bara in 1972, the manga that makes her famous in the whole world, even 35 years after the first chapter coming out. She says that this manga is the monument to her youth. She wanted to write a story that would happen during the first years of the French Revolution.

The first chapter was published in 1972 in Weekly Margaret n°21 and then the others keep coming out once a week without interruptions till the last chapter which was published in 1973. And the manga become one of the first best-sellers of the genre.

To finish the manga, Ikeda had to leave her university studies, without actually thinking to much about it, because it was chosen by her parents, she didn’t want to study Philosophy, but opera.

After Versailles no bara, Ikeda kept going on the historical way and drew also Jotei Ekaterina, which is about Katarina of Russia and she also did a sequel to Berubara with Eikou Napoleon: Eorika, where she writes about Napoleon and there are also three characters from her first manga: Rosalie, Alain and Bernard.

Her passion for European history and her works makes her a great, being able to make her readers interested in it, while probably without her they would have never have heard about some events and characters. Aside the fact that, after her, other mangakas begun working on historical events manga.

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