Her life

Her father wanted a heir, but another girl was born in the family. So he decided that she would be his heir and named the baby girl Oscar deciding she would grow up like a man and take over his family and one day be a general of the Royal guard.

Her main point of life was always to be loyal to the royal family and to protect Marie Antoinette, and it shows when she chooses her over Du Barry. She is overprotective when it comes to the young queen and tries to make her do the right choices, even if the woman does not listens to her.
While protecting and running around Marie Antoinette she meets Fersen, who is her unrequited love, but her is not really love, it’s mostly a crush that she experience for the first time meeting such a charming man. She tries to be woman for him, but in the end she finds that he sees her as a really good friend and nothing more, knowing his love is only for Marie Antoinette.

After she decides she will lead a man’s life till her last day, she argues with André and makes him go away, changing even place of work, becoming commander of a Military regiment, where she meets again Andrè, trying to actually forgive him for how he acted, till the moment she almost looses him and finally notices she was always in love with him and the two finally come together united in their love.

The final choice of her life is leaving Marie Antoinette’s side, giving up on her noble title and being spouse to André. During her last day of life, she sees her beloved die in front of her, and then she is shot down during the charge on Bastille, maybe for the better, because she was already suffering from tuberculosis. Besides she dies for what she believes on, and she never sees what terror happens in the name of her believes. (I’m sure that if she survived, she would be killed under the guillotine because she would again fight for justice and not for the terror)

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La fille Brave (c) Saya 2009 | Credits
Berusayu No Bara: Oscar (c) Riyoko Ikeda | Part of Bloody Network