Name and Appereance

Let’s begin with the first name, Oscar. It is a Nordic name and means divine strength, and we can see that it’s a suitable name for a character as Oscar through the fact that she is compared to a divinity a lot of times. The other name, François, is a French name, which means free man, and we can all agree that she was free only at the end, when she decides to desert the nobility and went to fight for the people she learned to love and care for.

Oscar is a beautiful angel with long blonde hair that hides her femininity behind a male soldier’s uniforms. She is athletic because she has to be as a commander .
During the series, in both manga and anime she is seen in three different uniforms and an evening dress.

I’ll first start explaining the uniforms. The main point we must know is that Ikeda also said in an interview is that the model of the uniforms Oscar wears, is not the one from the pre-revolutionary time, when Luis XVI and Marie Antoinette ruled, but it’s the one that was used during Napoleon times. Why so? The explanations is simpler than you might think. The uniforms in the pre-revolutionary time were simple and not interesting, while later Napoleon asked the most popular fashion designer in France of that time to draw the new uniforms, so that young boys would go in to the army, knowing that with the uniforms they would look good and that girls would go out with them. Without doubt they would impress them- no uniform no date. It wasn’t until that period that girls began falling for guys in pretty uniforms.

And then there is the evening gown that Oscar dresses to go and dance with Fersen, the “odalisca” dress. This dress is particular, because as we can see all the women in the series are dressed mostly in the gowns that are in rococo style, while Oscar dresses in a much simpler and more elegant one. Ikeda says, that she couldn’t picture her in a dress like the ones that Marie Antoinette had, she was still the most pure of the women there, and she wanted to dress her in something that would keep her that way, besides the fact that Oscar is simple and beautiful, she doesn’t need anything to be any deferent.

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La fille Brave (c) Saya 2009 | Credits
Berusayu No Bara: Oscar (c) Riyoko Ikeda | Part of Bloody Network