Oscar Inspires

The first one would be Simone the main character of Senna no Hoshi (which is a sad remake of Versailles no bara). This character is a way between Oscar and Rosalie, who was abandoned as a newborn child and lives as a plebeian, but the truth is that she is noble by birth and she fights for justice under the mask of the one and only Hoshi no Senna. She isn’t the secret daughter of duchess de Plognac, but Marie Antoinette’s half sister, who doesn’t manages to save her loved sister, but at least her children.

The second character is from the anime based on Alexandre Duman’s D’Artagnan – the one who is inspired to Oscar is Aramis, who is a woman, that decided to dress as male to find the one who killed her lover, the difference is that she has chosen alone to dress in male clothes. There is a whole OVA dedicated to her story and how she decided to become who she is.

And then Oscar as Oscar appears in an episode of the anime Lupin III, where she proposes a theft to Lupin III who is the grandson to the famous thief Arsène Lupin. Showing her still much in love with André, whose name isn’t said during the episode.

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La fille Brave (c) Saya 2009 | Credits
Berusayu No Bara: Oscar (c) Riyoko Ikeda | Part of Bloody Network