Other Relationships

General Jarjayes – the relationship between Oscar and the general is what we could call a father-son relationship. As the general wanted a heir, but for the 6th time got a female child, he decided to pretend that she is actually a male child giving her a male name.

There is not much seen about their relationship in the series, if not some main points of it. Oscar respects greatly her father and loves him really much, he is the one who taught her about being who she was, but at some point, he becomes worried about her life, and tries to change what he have done before – he decides she should marry someone, and there is the first time when Oscar rebels and goes against his wishes.

Another thing that happens is when Oscar does everything to save her soldiers, and her father sees it as if she dishonored the family name, and wants to kill her (he is stopped by André), but in the end, with everything that happens, he cares for his child and even thou she betrayed their believes and the family, he still wants her to be happy.

Marron-Glacé Montblanc – She is the nanny, aside being André’s grandmother. The only person aside her grandson to see her as a female and deals with her as one. A good example is when Oscar is wounded how she kicks Fersen and André out of the room, because Oscar is a female.

She genuinely cares for her, and her wish was always to be able to one day dress Oscar as a female – it comes true on the day when Oscar wants to impress Fersen during a ball, but that’s the only time she sees it.

She dies a day after Oscar, heartbroken that both of her beloved children were killed during the beginning of the Revolution.

Victor Clemente de Girodel – I’ll write just a few lines about this character. He was beaten by Oscar in a duel, and lost the right to become commander of the Royal Guards, but still he has taken it graciously. He is another of those male characters that are in love with her, and he also offered to marry her, but she declined as she did with everybody else.

His respect for her is shown towards the end, when he has to attack and Oscar puts herself between them and the target asking Girodel to shot her first, but nor him nor her former soldiers from the Royal guard have the want to do it, so they retreat from there.

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