What irked me the most during the time I watched the translated Versailles no bara on Italian channel was the fact that they made her talk like woman. And yes, I do know she is a woman, but I also know that she grew up as a man, so she definitely spoke about herself as a male and she didn’t know the difference between her and André till she was a teenager.

She acts like a man, she speaks like a man, it seems that she even curses like a man. She is almost a man in even when it comes to her personality, even though her body is still one of a female.

One of the greatest parts of Oscar is definitely her loyalty: she will do everything for what she believes. It’s true that maybe she turned away from the queen, but in that moment she had to decide between choosing her spouse and freedom to be herself or to stay with the Queen and losing her purpose of life. In the end she stays loyal to her own beliefs.

Oscar is also a very calm and pure person, even if sometimes she can be quite wild too. She needs her calm for the work she does, she needs it to be able to command a regiment. She is pure because she isn’t interested in things that other females and males that visit the Versailles are. She has never had time to become something else. But still she is wild and stubborn, she will fight for her beliefs and she will even argue about it with her own father that she respects so much.

She is a great character because she has a personality that is like a rainbow- there are so many things you can learn from her. She is also fragile like a flower even though she will never admit it, or perhaps she might admit it in the end only to her only love.

When she is not at work or at Versailles she loves to ride horses, read and play piano or violin.

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La fille Brave (c) Saya 2009 | Credits
Berusayu No Bara: Oscar (c) Riyoko Ikeda | Part of Bloody Network