Marie Antoinette

Oscar from her childhood was being prepared to become the crown princess’ guard, even before she even came to the country. We could say that their meeting was destined from the very beginning.

Their first meeting is soon after Marie Antoinette arrives as the bride to France and finds the young commander of the royal guards handsome, but soon a servant tells her that Oscar actually is a female.

The real friendship actually begins during the time when Marie Antoinette doesn’t want to speak to the countess Du Barry, because offended of her presence at the court. Where Oscar makes known that she will choose the princess over king’s lover, and makes known that she will defend her with all her might. And here is where the two women begin to trust each other.

When Marie Antoinette meets Fersen, Oscar becomes even more protective over her, but at some point she comes to mistaken it as love for the count, coming over it after he tells her he thinks Oscar is just a great friend. Her protectiveness after that could come to be mistaken for jealousy or similar, but Oscar is too perfect for things like that, she genuine cares about her princess, and when the king dies and Marie Antoinette becomes queen, she asks Fersen to leave the country, to protect her queen from gossip.

But even thou Marie Antoinette trusts Oscar with her life, when her guard gives her advice on political things, she doesn’t listens to her, and that is something that will take her down later on. Still, even if the queen doesn’t listen to her advices, Oscar keeps being her friend and visiting her, after she leaves the Royal Guards and becomes the commander of the Military Regiment B. Because Marie Antoinette is not only her queen, the one she works for and the one she has to protect, during the years Marie Antoinette become a friend, probably the only female friend she will ever have, and the same goes for the queen.

The depth of their connection is not seen so much during all the pages of the manga, if not the few pages of their last encounter while still alive. When Oscar comes to her queen to say goodbye knowing whatever will happen she will never be able to see her again. Where she finally gets the courage to tell Marie Antoinette that she has to stop living for Fersen and think about her life and the kings. And where the queen admits that she is indeed living for him.

The friendship of the two is something beautiful, that has a beginning in the first volume and ends in the last volume with Oscar’s death. Probably if those two weren’t who they were, they wouldn’t never met, but the destiny wanted them to meet and have a relationship that defined both of them.

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La fille Brave (c) Saya 2009 | Credits
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