White Roses

For centuries the white color’s meaning was always for purity, innocence and even divinity, but it can also symbolize silence or secrecy. There it’s also another meaning of the white rose and it’s reverence, humility and serenity. White rosebuds also implicate girlhood.
Early traditions also used white roses as a symbol for true love, an association which would later become the hallmark of the red rose.

White roses can mean many things to many different people. They can symbolize new beginnings, or be a sign of farewell. They can convey feelings of love, friendship, respect and hope. The underlying message in common in all these interpretations is innocence and purity.

And looking at everything written above we can soon notice why Oscar is the White rose in Versailles no Bara – she is often portrayed during the series as innocent and pure, and to the end there is even where she is compared to a divinity when the artist portries her as Mars, the god of war, while André as a nymph.
Also the secrecy and silence can be found during the series – she is a woman who dresses as man and not many know that she is a woman, only few of them do know, at least at the beginning.

Also the Paper rose (only in the anime) that was given to Rosalie by Marie Anotniette to be put on Oscar’s grave after painted in her favorite color, is left white because that’s also Oscar’s favorite rose – the white rose.

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La fille Brave (c) Saya 2009 | Credits
Berusayu No Bara: Oscar (c) Riyoko Ikeda | Part of Bloody Network