Why Oscar?

Saying she is a kickass woman won't explain it all. Simply I'll begin with saying that she was and still is an icon of how woman can be strong and be able to even win over men and do men's work. But it's not only because of that, that I choose her for the challenge. The fact is that I think that she is worth spending time on to make a tribute for her and show that even after 20 years I still love her and respect her. Ikeda-sensei did a wonderful job with her, making me fall in love at that time when I was more a boyish girl, who loved boy stuff - and she brought me the image of: it doesn't metter if you are a woman, if you believe in what you do, making your own choices you can be better then males too. She is strong, but at the same time she shows how fragile she still is, she... makes me cry everytime I re-read or re watch the series.


I went with something simple - because she in the end is a soldier. I choose the red over blue, because I used an image of her that was still from her royal duties and where she still didn't had the blue uniforme, and red because of the passion with which she did whatever she begun to do. I used Photoshop CS4 for the graphics and for the coding Macromedia Dreamweaver MX. This is the second layout


  • La fille Brave (c) Saya 2009
  • brushes, textures, paterns can be found on credits page
  • Fonts from DA Font
  • Versailles no Bara (c) Ryoko Ikeda

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La fille Brave (c) Saya 2009 | Credits
Berusayu No Bara: Oscar (c) Riyoko Ikeda | Part of Bloody Network