Strong Women

We should begin with some mythology – I presume that all of you already heard about Amazons, the nation of all female warriors in classical and Greek mythology. Some of the known were Penthesilea, the Queen of Amazons who also participated in the Trojan War.

Then we should pass on Mary Read – a female pirate. She was born in 17th century and died in a Jamaican Prison. She mostly operated in the Caribbean. As a child her mother begin to disguse her as a boy after Mary’s brother died, so they could still have financial support from their parential grandmother, who was actually fooled. She kept dressing as a man and found work on a ship. She then married a Felmish soldier, and when they married she for the first time dressed as woman in her life. She resumed to dress as male and do military service in Holland when he died. Her ship was taken by pirates and forced to join them. In 1720 she joined Calcio Jack and Anne Bonny in their crew.

So we are lead to Anne Bonny who was the partner to Calcio Jack, who in her young years stabbed a servant girl in the stomach with a table knife. She didn’t disguise herself as a man in order to join the crew, and even if she is one of the most-known pirates in history, she never had her own ship to command.

Then we also have Hannah Snell, a British woman who disguised herself as a man to become a soldier. She served in the Royal marines, was wounded 11 times and after she revealed her sex to her companions, she was honorably discharged and the Royal Hospital, Chelsea officialy recognized her military service. She then Married and had two children, and also opened a pub named The Female Warrior.

And what about Elisabeth Ist? She definitely was doing a man’s work as the Queen of England, and knew everything about being a woman who has to do the same job as a man, and even better as a man to make people understand that because she is a woman she is much better!

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